Friday, May 31, 2013

Vintage Week: My Personal Favorites

These are some of my favorite vintage pics...

Nice rim job

Love the hair, worship that thick cock.

Sexy guy. Nice package. Edible pits.

Instant hardon


Sexy Colt Stud

I'd love to vacation with him

Primed to pump

Beautiful blonde stud--great package
Look at those balls!  Look at that creamy ass!

Oh, yeah...

"Coach, is there something I can do instead of laps...?"

For that beautiful cock, I'd let him smoke.

Nibble... nibble... nibble...

Hello, soldier!


Don't worry, he'll help you take it...

Nice bush...

Total stud

Fuck me

So cute

So beautiful... 



Yes, sir!

So sweet

Oh, to properly worship him back then...

Beautiful Chest

Someone got caught

He's thinking this gonna be hard, but it's gonna be good.