Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ending the Decade in Style

Get ready for December, boys... we'll be doing it Crooked Vein Style: 31 days of fucking hot men! We may have theme weeks, special posts, and even some extra special pics. Think of them like 31 special packages just for you.

Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas and Happy Fuckin' New Year!

Take it Down

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving... Time for Family

Going home for Thanksgiving there is always one thing I dread: my family. I love them dearly, but they can be really weird and fucked up sometimes.

In that vein, I present to you my ongoing WTF? series. Someone thought this was sexy... someone thought wrong.

Yeah... nope.

Fine Dining

Mesh... never a good choice.


Nicely painted feet...

There's a whole load of wrong with this...


Not a chance in hell!

Clowns: Never a good choice.

Top Hat. Dressy. Still wrong.

Nice dick. Bad choice of underwear.

The Easter Bunny is never sexy. Ever.

Looks comfy... not.

What did we discuss about the Easter Bunny? Still applies.


He loves his guitar... a little too much, if you ask me.

Um... no.

Two hot dicks and he looks like
he's getting ready to do his taxes.


There are lots of ways to dress up for sex
this is not one of them.